Monday, 28 May 2012

Socceraid 2012 highlights

I don't know if you saw SoccerAid last night....

England celebs plus old masters take on a all-star Rest of the World team at a full Old Trafford for Unicef.

Best game of football I've seen for entertainment in ages. No-one on the pitch disgraced themselves, Will Ferrell and and out of condition Mike Myers both seemed to know what they were doing even if they were too slow to do it.. It was surreal as it sounds (England won the game)

Socceraid 2012 highlights
(I remembered a conversation with two local business types in London bar re: the Olympics. They were very pessimistic and sceptical, even more than me. I tried to cheer them up by saying that al least the football would be good.
They said "It's all up North, Whose going to watch them teams in the summer?"
I explained that in the North West June-August you could fill football stadiums just to see dogs chase a football around.)

  • Best singing of Abide with Me heard since FA Cups in the old Wembley
  • Serge of Kasabian's goal, beautiful chip of David Seaman. Clarence Seedorf tried to do similar later, commentator "Only Nayim can do that".. yeah.. and Ronaldinho... and it turns out.. the lead guitar for Kasabian...
  • Roy Keane hits the kid from JLS so hard he does a somersault (Wayne Rooney in studio at half time "It's a good job he's learned to do them flips on stage")
  • Van Der Sar save from John Bishop's great shot
  • Paddy McGuinness squares up to Gordon Ramsey suggesting there is some off the ball stuff happening
  • Sheringham takes out Gordon Ramsey so completely he goes off on a stretcher needing oxygen
  • Will Ferrell backheel to Clarence Seedorf
  • Seedorf running the game for long periods
  • Jaap Stam and Freddie Llundberg running about like Ronaldo and Giggs

Definitely worth a donation to a good cause
Seedorf, Llunberg and Jaap Stam have all still got it. Kevin Philips looked sharp as a razor.

When the stars tired out and it became a core of talented foreigners trying to handle a willing but limited England team it actually started to look like a real international, except that it was actually entertaining, and England won.

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