Sunday, 29 July 2012

How was the Olympic opening ceremony for you?

Even if it had been crap I'd have been cheering it just for including NHS, Tim Berners Lee, Brunel, the dark satanic mills and Dizzy Rascal. I loved it and wasnt surprised it was great - I really admire Danny Boyle's films

But rooting for the creative teams and athletes and hoping generally all goes well doesn't disguise the fact it is still a nauseating corporate hand job in a location that gets a new enormous leisure facility built for it every year.

"London gets the games for an unprecedented third time" - how's that happened? Every other country has been smart enough to move the Olympics to other cities to spread the infrastructure spend around - here in Britain the power elites only travel out into the provinces to visit their holiday homes.

I'm still up at 2.30am buzzing after that opening ceremony and yet you could see the problem in the background even there in the stadium. Empty seats.. The sign at any sporting event of half interested corporate audiences given tickets for free. They turn up late and leave early, when they can be bothered to turn up at all.

I'll watch the Olympics now. 
(I was going to avoid it completely - until the new American Borat opened his mouth. I've spent all day contributing and reading #RomneyShambles)

Actually I'd be stupid to avoid it. If what we hear about the ratio of private/public partnership is true, my taxes have helped pay for 98% of it. As for the other 2%, well ... you barely notice the sponsors do you?

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