Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Official Map of Westworld

Are you enjoying Westworld? I was excited about it months ago - now I've seen the first two episodes I've had to take a vow of silence on the subject to stop sounding like a raving fanboy. I will calm down eventually and when I have something different to contribute you'll read it here.

In the meantime. because I'm a White Hat, I present the official map of the Westworld resort sprung from the official
(not if you are not in the US you will need a VPN to access it)

Click map to see a larger version

Interesting geography - a strange mix of the best of the Wild West without being anywhere specific.
  • You'll see the Man In Black's regular commute from Sweetwater to the Abernathy Ranch hardly taxes him.
  • Is 'UNCLAIMED TERRITORIES' the equivalent of The Black Hills in DEADWOOD?
  • Westworld has a coastline?

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Saturday, 8 October 2016

New circle of hell to be opened for Trump surrogates

Trump grabs Evangelicals by the ...

Evangelical favourite Donald Trump
"I Moved on Her Like a B-tch & Grabbed Her By the P–sy!"

is just for the entertainment industry apparently.

I always thought Troma Film's political commentary was really under-rated at the time