Sunday, 13 May 2012

“The Olympics, A Movement, And We All Need One, Every Day”

So I'm in London at 2012, why haven't I mentioned the Olympics?

Well there is the certain knowledge that for every poor bastard actually trying to make a living in London costs will go up 100%

Then there is the feeling that, as usual, the rest of the country is being fleeced to spend money in London (the promised net + spend of the Olympics in rest of UK was something like 8bn, transpires via Channel 4 Dispatches documentary it is more like net loss of 4bn from rest of country to London)

Then there is the Olympic only traffic lanes which can't be used by emergency services.

And the London Olympics merchandise, 90% of which is sourced from outside this country.

But my favourite fact, supporting a suspicion this is Olympic project was intended all along for an international 1% elite completely out of touch with reality.

They invited one of the most famously deceased musicians in music, dead since 1978, to play at the ceremony

Great Olympic information can be found in Harry Shearers brilliant Le Show, a new Orleans resident with no regional UK chip on his shoulder, (unlike me) in his segment
"The Olympics, A Movement, And We All Need One, Every Day"

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