Thursday, 12 April 2012

"The Walk Up To The Top"

This walk is over familiar to me in the early stages as I use it as a daily walk, but to take it right up onto Exmoor and walk down back into the village you need half a day and some good weather. We have drought right now, as is obvious from pics.

Parracombe as seen from Peter's field (compare with Beatle's version  )

Top of Parracombe lane

Beyond Parracombe Lane

View down into valley

Walk back down

In one of the valleys

Finding correct access point

 Flat plain before final valley

Lead down to final valley and road (A39)

A great work out, partly because I was also listening to the latest Dan Carlin Hardcore History, which at 2 and a half hours, exactly filled the time taken, always a good sign you've picked the right content for a walk.

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