Friday, 25 May 2012

6Music radio from an alternate reality

One of the plusses of current work environment is that I've really got into BBC 6 music..

To those abroad who don't know, 6music was the alternative BBC digital radio station set up in tribute to legendary DJ John Peel. It was threatened with closure a few years ago but a listener campaign saved it. It recently won UK station of the year

After an abortive start a few years ago listening to the Adam and Joe Show, I started again with 6music in Feb this year with a bit of Lauren Laverne show (great music, very chilled|),

I'm now listening in the evening as well, particularly to Tom Ravenscroft (initially irritating but brilliantly eclectic, this week featuring Hawaiian guitar heroes from the 50s)

I'd thought, even if I wasn't particularly ..errr.. selective in my musical taste, INXS for instance, I at least knew my way around things...but there is constantly great stuff featured on 6music, that is completely new to me

Hear are two examples in last two days, enormous bands with huge influence I'd never heard of

Am I that musically ignorant? Or - we can't hear these digital music stations on our old radios - are they broadcasting from a parallel dimension with a completely different music history?

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