Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Vote REMAIN to save the United Kingdom and stop the ongoing disaster of nationalism

All the potential benefits of British independence from the EU will be lost if it prompts another, successful vote for Scottish independence.

I was really hoping someone in the shamefully clueless Remain campaign would mention Scotland but they seem to be too busy with ideas like having the Mayor of London and its financial services industry try convince the rest of he country Brexit is bad for them.

I know lots of people, perhaps a majority, voting for Brexit. A lot are smart people, but when I mention this could easily lead to another Scottish vote they wave it off with

"oh let them go I'm sick of them as well!"

Which really is incredibly stupid and illustrates how dumb and emotional some of the arguments for Brexit are. There is a sensible progressive case for Brexit, but I've heard very little of it over the ravings and lies from the likes of people I'd never walk into a voting booth for.

Try arguing the case against Scottish nationalism when English nationalism has taken us from one of the largest trading blocks on Earth.

How effective will Brexit be when independent Scotland joins the EU and the Schengen area? Are we going to get Donald Trump to build a wall across the North of England?

Is Brexit worth losing a seat on the UN security council when the UK ceases to exist?

Are your children ready to put on a uniform and patrol the peace lines in Belfast when the fragile Irish peace process unravels?

It's like watching a gathering firestorm of nationalism that feeds on itself.

Look at UKIPs hideous poster of immigrants supposedly trying to get into Britain (actually they are on the frontier of Southern Europe). Look at the faces of those people.
What did nationalism do for their countries?

What did nationalism do for Africa and the Middle East? With Soviet backing, African and Arab nationalism drove out the forces and influences of the liberal, prosperous West and gave those young countries just enough independence to be now filled with poverty, corruption and war, Decades later the impoverished populations of those places have looked at the results of their own nationalist history are now voting with their feet.

The horrible self sustaining irony is that he very dumb nationalist thinking that drives the OUT campaign AND Scottish nationalism is exactly the same thinking that in the 1950s-60s held back the developing world and now drives migration to places like the EU.

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