Friday, 10 June 2016

Movie Super Hero Space Race could bring whole genre crashing down to Earth

There is real movie industry panic about super hero movie fatigue at Marvel/Disney, Marvel/Fox and DC/Warner. Their response is to take all their various characters off the boring old Earth and into their various space based story arcs.
Trouble is they all appear to be releasing these super space operas at the same time.

I saw X-Men Apocalypse recently which was fun in a Saturday Morning tv kind of way. Nice to see that classic Chris Claremont X-men story arc hoving into view at last even if it looks to be less sophisticated on film than it did in comics of 40 years ago.  My long complaint that Marvel, Fox and even DC/Warner do a great job of capturing comic characters but are awful in respecting classic storylines looks likely to continue
Iron Man 3
The Wolverine

But a wider concern for the real world film industry is the future of the genre itself and I think we might be heading for trouble. To follow the Chris Claremont X-men story arc the next but one FoX-Men film is  going to be in space.. which suggests the next movie ends with Dark Pheonix vs the Shi- ar. Bryan Singer has suggested this himself.

Which means about 2019-2020 ish....

We know from Batman Vs Superman that DC/Warner plan to have the Justice League in space facing Jack Kirby's uber villain Darkseid

Marvel Studios have in the Infinity War sequels the Avengers in space confronting Thanos (ironically a character recognised universally among comic fans as Marvel’s 'version' of Darkseid)


FoX-Men would be in space, perhaps with some version of their Fantastic Four, handling the Shi-Ar after the events of the Dark Pheonix saga

Let's just hope Marvel/Sony aren’t taking the new Spiderman into Venom/Carnage territory with the Symbiot aliens or all these Superhero In Space movies really are going to look indistinguishable from each other...

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