Thursday, 23 June 2016

main reader demographic for this blog is probably bears

As I'm sure you are not aware, this blog has a very select readership.

It exists in a mysterious null space within the internet - apparently connected but somehow untouched by the torrent of internet traffic which flows by.

It may well be connected to the cafe in which Sapphire and Steel find themselves imprisoned.

Or perhaps the Phantom Zone.

And speaking of Krypton...

World In A Bottle Defined

I actually started this blog after I returned from Gibraltar in 2010. I'm usually based in a tiny village in the middle of nowhere and often find myself enclosed environments like music festivals. (I have yet to post content from TT Isle of Man 1993 and various Glastonbury Festivals 2005-8)

After I started posting I realised a very nerdy potential reference to the the miniaturised city of Krypton held within a bottle.

which should be a suitable signpost to the absent minded and intensely dorky nature of much of the content.

So this blog not only talks about little self contained worlds, it actually exists within one, which is nicely ironic and probably the way I prefer it.

Such is the supernatural lack of profile this site has, in one security meeting at my current contract we did discuss hiding all the sensitive data on the project here.

Despite the aura of inaccessibility which I have somehow cloaked the site with

(I can provide a quote for secure storage)

I do appear to have a set of regular strangely consistent monthly readers in Russia. (Hi Russia).  I can't think what the average, smart, over educated Russian finds interesting on here so I have a theory they may be a family of bears which have access to an abandoned building equipped with a working terminal and an internet browser stuck for years on this URL. Occasionally the bears bash the keyboard and refresh the screen.

Whatever - I welcome all types of ursine feedback

If you are a human being who finds himself here - welcome! You are in select company. Think of it as an exclusive hidden area for select contemplation,
a bit like the Diogenes Club,
but with bears.

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