Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Unspoken Tea Party Deficit Solution : Repeal the Bush Tax Cuts

I think I now understand the Tea Party mindset. Or at least the mindset they claim to have.

I must have read hundreds of comments from Tea Party supporters this week all blaming Obama for the deficit and claiming he will only add to it (despite the fact he is paying it off)

"I don't care about the poltics or the government in power. Republicans and Democrats, they are all the same. Government needs to be shut down because it is out of control. Sensible spending is all that matters at this point"
You know, I can see some of that. The deficit is a national security issue and there are parts of the US government that seem to think buying even more tanks the US Army does not need
is somehow sensible when the money to do that is being borrowed from the Chinese.

So I get spending is out of control and needs to be reigned in. Apparently dealing with the budget right now is so vital it is worth risking another credit downgrade*, and senior US politicians on both sides, Democrat and Republican are to blame and must be ignored to push through (more) tough cuts to the Federal government.

So, Tea Party people, if you are so in favour of fiscal responsibility, and so above petty distractions like conventional politics, where we you on the Bush tax cuts?

If you are so in favour of cutting the US budget, were you for the gigantic tax cuts for the super rich that took the Clinton era budget surplus and flushed it down the toilet? They alone are at least 20% of the US deficit!

It is an important question, because if you were in favour of the Republican's disastrous attempts at trickle down economics you are not as above conventional politics as you would have us all believe
- and your grasp of budgeting isn't entirely reliable.

*For those not in the know - the last credit limit crisis only ended when the elected US President (who had run on repealing the tax cuts) gave in and let the Tea Party have them.

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