Sunday, 20 October 2013

Murray Walker's 21st Birthday Party

In the midst of all this Hunt/Lauda fuss (see Rush review) something about Murray -

Murray Walker and James Hunt
Remember when ITV first got F1 and started trundling the F1 coverage downhill ?
BBC had lost the coverage and not long after the death of James Hunt his veteran co-commentator Murray Walker had to make the transition across to the commercial channel.
In an attempt to play up the comedy potential of the fuddy duddy long time F1 commentator they put him in a two seater F1 car and blitzed him around Silverstone - and were then waiting on hand with a film crew to get the reaction of this 60 year old man exposed to serious G.

"What did you think of that Murray?!" asked some ITV muppet jamming a phone into his face as soon as his lid was off "Was that the scariest thing you've ever done!?"

"No - but was the most exciting experience since my 21st birthday" replies Walker

"What was that?" asks the ITV muppet with obvious disappointment

"A tank battle just outside Normandy"

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