Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Daily Mail : Friend of Hitler and cheerleader for the First World War

In response to the Daily Mail's attack on the father of the Labour Party leader Ed Miliband, Twitter is apparently full of reminders about the Daily Mail's nazi past. 
"Hurrah for the Blackshirts!" etc etc.
It's never been hard to find.

It is old news and anyone unaware that the Mail has had fascist tendencies going back to the 1930s really shouldn't be in charge of a brain or a mouth, but for those who need a little more evidence of the Mail's influence on British history I give you the following.

Ever wondered how in 1914 sole word superpower Britain bankrupted itself to defend Belgium? to go to war with a country run my one of Queen Victoria's grandsons? How had it become accepted opinion that war between Britain and Germany was inevitable?

One First World War event that won't be commemorated is the Daily Mail parading a German soldier, complete with schicklgruber helmet and huge a huge sandwich board up and down Oxford street announcing the Germans have invaded the East coast. This happened in 1909.
"This was a publicity stunt by the Daily Mail advertising 'The Invasion of 1910', a serial by sensationalist novelist (much admired at court) William Le Queux which contained a bloodthirsty account of the Germans landing.."
(Andrew Marr, The Making of Modern Britain)

 According to editor and journalist AG Gardiner 
'Next to the Kaiser,' <Mail proprietor> 'Lord Northcliffe has done more than any other living man to bring about the war.'"

Commemorative ceremonies for the millions dead in 1914-18 will start next year and will continue until 11/11/2018

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