Monday, 2 September 2013

Well and truly Hammered - Personal notes on BFI monster weekend

Personal notes on BFI monster weekend

I've been sneaking a large hip flask full of whisky into these nights (past a large but friendly police presence) and with some drinking before and after three nights in a row Saturday night it is fair to say I was
well and truly

Id left myself six audio notes by the time I'd got back via the Hemingford Arms and the Cally Road kebab  shop  (Thanks Petra Kebabs!)

Bum Boxes very comfy

Lots of characters, lots of young foreigners in audience, what do they make of 1950s British horror movies?

Saw Kim Newman, author of ATL Stoker novel Anno Dracula but as usual was too shy to say anything. I actually see him plenty and  am a big fan - It's depressing and I must get over that kind of thing.
Kim! Anno Dracula was awesome!

Music an important part of at least the opening night as the BFI event program prominently cited Kate Bush sampling Night of the Demon. For every night of the event Hounds of Love got a fresh airing through the gently swaying trees around the museum. Worth the ticket just for that.
I've already mentioned it but the pre-movie music really helped set up a chilled, cool and yet friendly atmosphere pre-movie experience. It could have been Monster Mash and Bau Haus but instead it was very sensible slightly goth New Romantic and New wave with a light touch of Banshees.
Cocteau Twins, Psychelic Furs, Duran Duran and a spine tingling Cities in Dust were the highlights for me.
Thanks to music label Death Waltz for the tunes apparently, it I can get a tracklist off them for the event I'll post it up.

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