Monday, 30 September 2013

Breaking Bad finale "And I was really—I was alive" (no he wasn't)

I suspected it at the time but am now completely convinced

Walt died in the car. Everything after was a dream.


Inevitably it's disappointing  - perhaps because I'm half asleep, also perhaps because I also watched the Mythbusters Breaking Bad special yesterday so I failed to suspend my disbelief for some of it

Although satisfying on a plot level it felt - lightweight - compared to the previous two episodes, which were absolutely classic tv drama


as I alluded to in previous bog post a literal, satisfying end to such an epic would appear a little dull and I think people will compare it to the
end of The Sopranos for a very long time

and years later I still don't know what to think about the end of that


Perhaps fair to say the end of Breaking Bad would not have happened without the end of The Sopranos

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