Thursday, 17 January 2013

Music recommendations for Dig!

Recommendations on Dig! ? I like to follow the narrative in the doc which is the Dandies start brilliantly and they disappear up their own pretension, the BJM start off a totally embarrassing shower of tw@s...
.... and remain that way 
(but their music improves)


the Ep We Are The Radio is a good start as it is basically Anton collaborating with a good singer.

I also like My Bloody Underground, and Strung Out In Heaven and even the earlier some of the early stuff when I'm in a retro-but-can;t-stand-Oasis mood (but never in company)

For the Dandies, 


are both total classic pop albums I think. Bowie is a fan

If you want to try them a bit more edgy


don't bother with anything after 2004 .. which was basically the year Dig! was released...

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