Monday, 21 January 2013

Django Unchained

I saw Django Unchained last night.. 90% of it is the best western I've seen since High Plains Drifter - and I include in that the recent remake of True Grit. Fantastic characters and action while somehow being as funny in places as anything in Blazing Saddles. There is a scene with clumsy KKK members, including Jonah Hill and Don Johnson, complaining about the holes in their hoods being too small that is worth the price of admission alone.

Samuel L Jacksons head butler is about the most hellish villain I've seen since the heyday of Karloff, he makes Leonardo Di Caprio's plantation owner - who is himself toe curlingly evil - seem almost human.
typical of Tarrantino, who has to do things his own way, it carries on from a magnificent shoot out climax into a really stupid tacked on ending, (complete with the worst directors cameo in the history of cinema) that had everyone shaking their heads in frustration as we left the cinema..

I guess I should add for completeness that it was a real trek to get to the Brixton Ritzy (great place, almost goes without saying) through serious snow in London + engineering work on tube network that typically did not help the transport situation. Worth it though.

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