Saturday, 19 January 2013

Happy January Snow Chaos From London

Nowadays, when London is full of Eastern Europeans who are fully acquainted with real snow and how to get through it, the almost annual UK snow chaos is downright embarrassing. When we used to have snow chaos in the UK it was irritating, but in the spirit of Dunkirk crisis mode we like to slip into it was also kind of fun. This year we had weeks of warning, and the amount or grit applied to London streets before the snow arrived made it feel more like Cairo.

But for all this preparation the headlines this morning are full of how useless Brits are in the snow .. though to be fair we should probably narrow this to London, or perhaps just the airports. As I type this hundreds are marooned at Heathrow not because it was physically possible to fly planes yesterday but just because the airport does not have enough spare capacity to cover  emergencies and British Airways will not have enough spare staff on standby to cover staff delayed beyond the end of of their safe working hours. Abandoned travelers are left to find London hotel accommodation late on a Friday night. Good luck with that.

So yeah I'm moaning about London now because I am back with new place to stay near Caledonian Road.

Previous place, The Stay Club in Harlesden was little more than new build student accom but I would certainly recommend it, with all it's teething problems, over the other hotel options available to all  not being subsidised by companies or wealthy parents.

I can also recommend a stop - off on the A303 - Ampersand House.
Recent years dealing with UK Snow Chaos has forced me to look into a possible stop off point half way along the journey from Devon to London and this place in Dorset is just minutes of the A303. Nice people, kedgeree for breakfast, and home-made jam tarts.

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