Sunday, 7 October 2012


Every four years Halloween (31st October) and the U.S. presidential election (November 6th) go together like Christmas and New Year.

Dr Hannity tapped the writing pad with his pencil as the next patient
entered. The white paper was pure and unmarked. Nearby The Missouri state
flag hung in the corner of his office, occasionally disturbed by a warm breeze
from outside. Birds sang in the Fall sunshine.

Lindsey Wenland sat across from him. A tragic case. She was staring up at
the wall, probably at the crucifix that hung between the framed academic
blessings afforded him in his long career. A rewarding career, as a small
town doctor in a close knit town.

Colourless cheap clothing hung off her like a shroud, and her face had a
permanent sneer that had grown around a cigarette. At 19 she already
looking like human road kill.

"Is this about your mother again Lindsey"?

"No doctor.... she is not a problem anymore"

"She is a good devout woman, she only wants the best for you"

She shifted uncomfortably in her seat.

"So how are you Lindsey? You seem well, considering"

"Well, I ain't doctor. I'm confused"

"After your ordeal anyone would be be traumatised.. confused for a time.
Luckily you didn't panic, you stayed true to yourself, your faith"

She stared out of the window at the birds for nearly half a minute, then
answered with an unnerving calm.

"Doctor, you remember what Senator Akin said? In that interview ? With the
Liberals? He said If it's a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to
try to shut that whole thing down"

Dr Hannity adjusted his glasses. "I've met him Todd Akin myself and I can
tell you the Senator is man of conscience as well as wisdom"

"Say what you like Doctor, but I looked at what the Senator said, I looked
all around, in books as well, and there didn't seem no science in it"

"Well Lindsey the human mind is a powerful mystery, even scientists admit
that. And those of us blessed with Faith perhaps can make even more of it"

"Miracles? Is that what it is?"

"If it appears as a miracle to you Lindsey, we can certainly call it your
miracle. 'Lindsey's Miracle'"
he smiled.

"That's ok then"

She returned to staring out of the window.

"What is?"

"Doctor, I was in the Mall on Saturday"

"On Saturday? You mean the man who died in the Mall at the weekend? Where
you there?"

"Yeah. It was gross. Screamin... blood....After, they said it was the flesh
eatin' virus..."

"Necrotizing fasciitis"

"Yeah,, well.... sure I can't smoke in here doctor?"

He shook his head. He was dying for one himself

"Yeah,,, ok....On Saturday that weren't no..... Necrotizing fasciitis. That
man was the sonofabitch who raped me"

He sighed. "I'm not sure what your are saying Lindsey"

"My body shut him down doctor. In the same way it shut my baby down"

The doctor carefully placed his pencil on he table on front of him.

She carried on calmly, her previous nerves gone. "When I heard what the
Senator said it was kinda inspirational.. and I started listnin to ma body..
and I realised I could do it. With the help of the Lord. Jus what you and
Ma' had said. I shut it down. I shut my baby down." She placed her hands
together calmly in her lap. For a moment she looked almost saintly. "And
then after, I realized.. my body realised.. I could do more.."

Doctor Hannity rubbed his eyes and sighed, suddenly fatigued. "The incident
in the Mall must have been a shocking thing for you to see Lindsey, perhaps
you need someone to take care of you at this time.."

"Well that's it doctor, because you and the Senator showed such an interest
in it, it wants to shut you to down too"

A blob of dark red liquid dropped from Hannity's nose, staining the notepad
in front of him a rich scarlet.

Copyright Chris Hodgson 2012

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