Sunday, 14 October 2012

Bo Ningen perhaps the last thing I ever hear

Shoreditch Bar and Grill Thursday evening

Hot damn my ears are ringing this (Friday) morning.

Actually found a lot of Bo Ningen quite featureless ,,,

(I had been drinking on and off since lunchtime - it included some Brazilian liquid at the Deluxe MediaCloud social which tasted like cherry brandy and smelt like amyl nitrate)

anyway....the other J-Rock band I saw back at Landmark Brixtin (Sekaiteki Na Band) is obviously the one I prefer

Bo Ningen were pretty interesting in places through (bass-led, like a Prog guitar noise PiL) and really let rip at the end.

Support band Race Horses were suprisingly poppy and actually very
good, won the crowd over after one song and deserved their great

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