Thursday, 20 September 2012

Things to spot in DREDD 3D, Easter Eggs, hidden references

Plenty of 2000AD detail spotted in DREDD on second viewing (at the millenium dome with other staff members of Forbidden Planet New Oxford Street Class of 1987 - pics are from the Thames Clipper trip, it was also international pirate day!)

dredd review

First off watch the bottom of the screen during the drugs bust, when the bullet goes through the perps cheek the blood appears to splash out of the bottom of the screen! The screen border is faked to enhance the 3D. Very sneaky.
Also spotted:

  • DROKK! on a leather jacket during the vehicle chase
  • Otto Sump shop in Peach Trees
  • Muties Out! graffiti in Peach Trees
  • Fatties Rule! graffiti in skate park outside
  • Chopper graffiti in Peach Trees
  • Block names: O'Neill, Bolland and Sternhammer. O'Neill is a strange choice as Kevin is not normally taken as a Dredd artist - Was it a Pat Mills request?

The block prominently mamed after Wulf Sternhammer points to another odd detail. The credit at the very end to Starlord.. Dredd never appeared in 2000ADs early sister comic, that was the birthplace of Johnny Alpha, aka Strontium Dog - so what is that credit for? Is it just for the mention of Sternhammer block? Or is there some other reference to Strontium Dog we've yet to notice?

Other very brief glimpse - thought by one of my friends to be a Banksy poster in Peach Trees, was
a poster of a bald teen accompanied by the name 'Krysler' -
is this the powerful Owen Krysler, the "judge child", who predicts the end of mega city one?

Got to say on second viewing DREDD does show it's limitations, particularly the end which screams "we ran out of budget". Even so this is the best $40million spent of a movie this year

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