Tuesday, 4 September 2012


Still waiting to hear on Daily Telegraph job three days after notification date (that's best part of three weeks now sitting next to a phone). Resigned to spending a few more weeks in Devon. Keeping it together with exercise and internet.

Dredd film out in days. With an IPad subscription to 2000AD app and you get three months of back issue thrillpower :-)
Goes well with my 'Mega City One Dub' playlist : 
  • The xx 
  • Burial 
  • Massive Attack (Heligoland)
  • Prodigy (The Lost Beats)
  • Gorillaz (Plastic Beach, The Fall)
of course
(any other suggestions?)

Best played at night on headphones while sitting on beanbag in the garden. Exmoor was made for this.

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