Tuesday, 18 September 2012

But Mitt.. Republican states get more Federal handout money...

Mitt Romney's comments today remind me of a few things.... not least Clinton's devastating put down that the one thing the Republicans refuse to understand is ARITHMETIC

"One glaring problem with Romney's comment is that his contention those that pay less tax vote Democrat is simply not true. What makes his assertion worse is that in terms of net contribution by state, the states that receive the highest net levels of federal support (you know, the money that is bled from hard-working, honest Americans), are often the states that vote Republican.

In terms of dollars received by state for every dollar sent to the federal government in federal taxes, the 20 states that received the most in 2010 and their electoral college votes in 2008 were:

New Mexico: $2.03 Republican
Mississippi: $2.02 Republican
Alaska: $1.84 Republican
Louisiana: $1.78 Republican
West Virginia: $1.76 Republican
North Dakota: $1.68 Republican
Alabama: $1.66 Republican
South Dakota: $1.53 Republican
Kentucky: $1.51 Republican
Virginia: $1.51 Democrat
Montana: $1.47 Republican
Hawaii: $1.44 Democrat
Maine: $1.41 Democrat
Arkansas: $1.41 Republican
Oklahoma: $1.36 Republican
South Carolina: $1.35 Republican
Missouri: $1.32 Democrat
Maryland: $1.30 Democrat
Tennessee: $1.27 Republican
Idaho: $1.21 Republican

and those horrible, unAmerican, arrogant liberal bastions in New York, California, Massachusetts and Connecticut? Those states received respectively$0.79, $0.78, $0.82 and $0.69 for every dollar they sent to the federal government."

It reminded me of a another glaring disparity a few years ago

Sarah Palin had said

"California would need to create more than four million jobs over the next 10 years to keep up," Palin said. "Does anyone seriously think that the liberal policies of Pelosi and Reid and Obama -- heck a Boxer and a Brown -- are going to be able to turn this around and get the job done."
Palin continued:
"They act like they're permanent residents of a unicorn ranch in fantasyland if they really think they're gonna be able to turn it around with the liberal policies they have to continue, and you know, it's pixie dust."

Taxes from California support 1/7th of the US budget. California gets back only 0.7 of each tax dollar it sends to the federal government. Half the States in the Union, including Sarah Palin's beloved Alaska, would go bust in months without the tax money taken from California...

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