Monday, 18 June 2012

Thoughts on A Punk Tale Of Two Cities

Like punk itself, this contains a lot of self promotional BS, produced like disjointed schizo cut up  immediately at war with its own nature. By the time the self congratulatory nostalgia gets to one hit wonder Neneh Cherry you might be wanting to start a radical nihilist anarchist movement yourself. I hope that's the point.

Best quotes
"Ian Dury was everything Lou Reed wanted to be"    Chrissie Hynde

"It only lasted six months because that all started on speed, and then the Heartbreakers came over and brought smack. And then it ended"   Hynde again

Re: John Lydon vs The Ramones, Someone needs to tell John Lydon that the more bollocks he talks the more he sounds like Malcom McClaren

Overplaying the 1970s IRA bombing campaign to make it sound like the Blitz is laughable. (During the IRA's twenty-five year campaign in England, there were 115 deaths, in six months in 1940 the Blitz killed 40,000 people)

London punk scene had no equivalent Andy Warhol like art scene to the New York punk scene so one of the 'London' artists, Linder Sterling, is included despite being a Scouser working in Manchester (for Buzzcocks)

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