Monday, 18 June 2012

Punk Britannia : Cosmic Justice 1977 Style

1977 - The message from humanity for alien civilisations attached to the
Voyager space probes includes a speach by the then UN Secretary
General Kurt Waldheim. Waldheim has since been revealed as an
ex-member of the Waffen SS.

NASA had originially asked for permission to include "Here Comes the Sun" from the Beatles' album Abbey Road. While the Beatles favoured it, EMI opposed it and the song was not included.

1977 -  EMI executives (briefly) sign the new music sensation.
"Following the end of the tour in December 1976, EMI arranged a series
of concerts for January 1977 at the Paradiso in Amsterdam. But before
boarding the plane at London Heathrow Airport, the band reportedly
spat on each other and verbally abused airport staff. "One witness
claimed the Sex Pistols were doing something so disgusting that she
could not repeat it for publication . . . it became generally believed
Jones had been vomiting on old ladies in the preflight lounge,"
reported Rolling Stone. EMI released the band from their contract two
days later.
"I don't understand it," Rotten remarked at the time. "All
we're trying to do is destroy everything."

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