Friday, 7 October 2011

Britain two hours north of Edinburgh

Fraserburgh is like Barnstaple half a century ago - fishing and not a lot else at all but everyone very friendly - I might get to go curling some night. 

Today the sweet Latvian girl cutting my hair admitted that if anyone at home opposite the Baltic was as friendly as any of the highland locals they would be locked away with a presumption of mental illness. Shortly after this after a stunning blonde wandered into the salon and the Latvian and her talked Russian for five minutes before she left.

Latvian then admitted the Russian blonde was a total stranger and anyone with Slav language issues in Fraserburgh is directed to her hairdressing salon.

Terrain is a bit Cornish but very flat. To give
you an idea of remoteness, nearby tourist attractions include National
Scottish Lighthouse Heritage Museum.

The accommodation and food in out of town community pub
(Ban Car Hotel) is unpretentious but quietly high class room-wise. The
Highland Chicken, stuffed with haggis, is pretty awesome, with poached
eggs and lean bacon for breakfast. The colour is failing on the big
widescreen in the bar and when it flickers blue all the faces on
screen look like Braveheart.

Local beer is Machlaclans best ale, which is the bitterest bitter I've
ever had. I'm off the whiskey because I dont want to see what happens
if I insist on Irish.

Weather certainly different to English heatwave, when I heard about
snow in Inverness from chatty Tesco woman yesterday it took a few
moments to realise Inverness is just up the road (well it's just west
of here actually, not up). Car is 20 degrees below what 

I left in England, outside the seagulls are flying sideways in the wind
but the fish landing reports on the local radio in the morning make you
appreciate cozy highland IT centres.. which do look a bit like moonbases

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