Friday, 7 October 2011

MAD MEN keeping me sane

I've been watching MAD MEN all week in hotel room. One of the best things about working away with just a laptop for company is you really get a chance to emerse yourself in good US tv
sagas. Since 2006 I've watched the entire of Soprano's, The Wire, Breaking Bad etc
etc,... and  this is as good as any of them..
and like the others reaches a brilliant climax at the end of third series, as if US tv is paced and planned with that in mind.

Now I think about it MM (and Watchmen) are responsible for my morbid Ayn Rand fascination.

In typical headf@ck fashion MM series 4 is a departure and hard to get into, I lasted nearly full 30 mins of the TERRA NOVA pilot last night (quite proud of my fortitude there), I'm going to start tonight on 30 ROCK (series 1 £2 @ tesco) so expect a 10,000 word appreciation of Tina Fey/s various credentials in next blog.

How much do we all owe Tina Fey? Sarah Palin gave up her presedential ambitions this week, frustrated that US voters had recognised her as a dangerous joke in away that they never did with George W. The two or three short SNL sketches with Tina Fey's hilarious version of Sarah Palin might go down as the most effective political satire in history..

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