Thursday, 13 October 2011

Preparing for drive from Fraserbrough to Bristol

What's that quote from The Blues Brothers ...

Heading back early Friday morning, this is what I have in the car

German hands free kit

new Music

Older new music
Pj Harvey: U Hu Her
MC5: Best of

Plus new car compilation

I've a hankering for heavy now the weather has changed ( set off from Devon two weeks ago in 25 degree heat, 6 hours of M5/M6 traffic jams listening to SuperHeavy and B52s Wild Planet)

I am addicted to the following podcasts and have saved up weeks of the following;

Best of the left
Football weekly
(both of the above funnier than any comedy podcast)
NPR Car Talk
BBC Radio World Football Phone-in
And also ...
Dan Carlins Hardcore history, Death Throes of The Republic, drawing non too subtle allusions about the fate of Rome and the current state of US politics.

On previous trip in 08 driving The Walrus (my old Skoda Fabia) from Edinburgh to Reading in a day I listened to Dan Carlins three part history of The Punic Wars, which helped put my life in perspective.

Car prep based on trans continental experience - water, fruit, chewing gum and recent treat - coffee beans
Three sets of sunglasses

Would really like to be driving back over Cairngorms but want to clear Aberdeen before nasty morning traffic. Pit stop strategy on long trips is to time your stops before and to coincide with traffic bottlenecks like rush hour on M6, Birmingham and Bristol

So I aim to stop, probably for breakfast and a nap, at about 8.30-9.30

Have to be careful using Today Show and Podcasts as they make me sleepy, and Radio 5 (or more accurately what it has become) just annoys the hell out of me

I'll try and blog in transit

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