Tuesday, 1 July 2014

World Cup 2014 Beyond The Wall of Sleep

So while friends of mine are enjoying Glastonbury what am I up to?

Repairing my financial position after a rather too expectant Spring. At least the tv was good. Only interesting thing I've managed to afford for a while for a while is The Drowned Man which I have a review of, posted maybe next.

Luckily I have World Cup as a cheap way to soak up waking time and I've found a good way to deal with the late kick offs which leave me sleepy all week - get up early and  use that modern miracle of televsion - "watch again"

To deal with disturbed my current sleep late night audio book is a favourite - Alistair Reynold's magnificent Revelation Space. Read for a second time, the influence of Lovecraft in his unknowable extra terrestrial horrors never more evident. (The Shrouders, relatively benign in Reynolds pantheon of Aliens, are 'utterly monstrous'). In the light of the recent Godzilla, which can be read as "Great Cthulhu Wakes In a Good Mood", perhaps the penetration of Horatio Philips into mainstream culture never more apparent

It is with this Lovecrafian backdrop I watch, half asleep, a World Cup beyond human understanding. My sleeping mind head is full of Reynold's Shrouders and Pattern Jugglers and my waking mind is full of impossible sleeping giants like Costa Rica and Algeria. Perhaps the unknowable multi-limbed form of Paul the World Cup Octopus haunts my dreams from another dimension.

I wake often with a mordant obsession.
After at least 10 years of this, is the powerful collective amnesia which hides Glen Johnson's monstrous defending for Liverpool and England actually supernatural or just beyond human understanding ?  Foreign types beyond the hypnotic sway of the cretins in the English press ... please help to wake us from this ongoing nightmare.

Glen Johnson - first actual evidence of supernatural/alien influence on human affairs?

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