Monday, 30 June 2014

Rob's Glastonbury 2014

​What did you do this weekend? I ended up driving 500 miles to spend just 48 hours on holiday. In previous years I would have said to my boss 
"Sorry about your meeting - THIS weekend, I'm busy. This weekend is my highlight of the year"
Here is someone who did the right thing last weekend - sent direct from Worthy Farm.

Rob's Glastonbury 2014

Text Message 26/06/14 13:16
The festival starts.  Awaiting the downpour mess tonight but good today. Have Rum-based buoyancy aids- will survive.

Text Message 26/06/14 20:28
Already seen some great passed out bodies! Dry tonight, wet tomorrow. Camper van method definitely rocks - borrowed my neighbour's van !

Text Message 26/06/14 20:32
coldish cider and an eerie to retreat to.. Awaiting Kate Tempest on stage in the Common..

Text Message 26/06/14 20:55
Metallica vs. quiet shit in Avalon - Beth Orton , Icelandic emiliana torrini. Head says quiet, heart says bear 'huntin Metallica. Dead cert is the after midnight choice wobble to 808State then Todd Terry then home to cocoa and medals..

 Email  27 June 2014 04:19
 Leon's vegetarian stall.
 What a night.
 Bed time.


Email 27 June 2014 17:14
In no particular order...

  • Kate Tempest - flipping awesome angry rap poetry
  • Donating items to random strangers..
  • Guilty Pleasures - all the kids dancing to tunes popular before they were born. And us.
  • Obligatory Flamethrower machines
  • Ros' Queue jumping techniques - varying effectiveness.

Breaking in to the Rabbit Hole (actually quite boring) private party only to wave from the inside at Ros still trying to jump the queue - getting thrown out, then repeatedly breaking back in and pursued by the harassed but reassuringly polite security guard - this became ever increasingly hilarious (for me) as the cat and mouse chase game escalated.

We were quite drunk by then.

Meant to go home at midnight - 4am finish in the end.

More tonight..

Email 28 June 2014 15:20
West Holts field but pear cider place is now something else..

... And they say Glastonbury is becoming gentrified. Goodness - my crisp Australian Rose wine accompanying the lobbie was warm. You'll be glad to know I'm still slumming it!

Text Message 29/06/14 18.13
The Horrors are very reminiscent of Psychedelic Furs.. Off to see Brian Jonestown massacre next

What was best?

Text Message 30/06/14 18.02
No further good food after the lobster - just top ups. Sunday was fine BJM I think was my highlight along with a couple of hours in the Peoples Front Room with a band called Bombs. London Grammar good - sort of worth the wait to get right to the front.

Photos and text copyright Rob Sanders 2014

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