Friday, 23 May 2014

John Olivers HBO version of Daily Show is on Sky Atlantic Tuesdays 10.05pm

Further in my transatlantic fan worship of HBO - do they put subliminals in that opening static?

After his big success sitting in as host on the The Daily Show last year John Oliver's got his own show on HBO,

which is being shown here in UK on Sky Atlantic Tuesdays 10.05pm

US review of Last Week Tonight from New Yorker

"If (Jon) Stewart is evangelical, (John) Oliver is professorial. His bit on the Indian election was akin to the current rush of explainer journalism, in which a smart person more or less reads the newspaper for you, tells you why this or that thing matters, and nudges you toward a final judgment. In the second episode, Oliver began a segment on Sharia law in Brunei by saying, “There was big news out of Brunei this week. Wait, let me back up a second. There is a country called Brunei.” 

Best bits  so far

Botched executions and the death penalty

Explaining Eurovision to America

Daily Show is still being shown on Comedy Central Extra on most weeknights at 10.50pm..

and if you can download of the other Daily Show spin-off,
The Colbert Report (a brutal piss take of Fox News's arch bigot Bill O'Reilly)
- it's hilarious

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