Saturday, 4 May 2013

I'll Be Your Mirror @ Alexandra Palace 2013

Just about to spend my Bank Holiday Saturday at this, got my New York Playlist on right now


Film program has two of my favourite movies on it: The Devils and Rumblefish .. Karen O obviously knows how to make me happy

But much as I like Mosquito, the new YYY's album the band I'm really thinking about right now, The Curfew, never actually existed.

I'm listening to the audio book of William Gibson's Spook Country and enjoying it a lot more this time around, even if it feels more like Brett Easton Elli's doing a pastiche of Jerry Cornelius than the other of the other books Blue Ant trilogy (Pattern Recognition and Zero History)

The Curfew only appear in the second book of the Blue Ant Trilogy and without hearing any of their music, as even in this fictional 2005 they have long since split up (they seem to be a cross between Curve and Sonic Youth) they are hugely entertaining as dysfunctional soap characters wandering through a dysfunctional spy story. They are or were, in this other 2005. partly based in New York and seem to be very cool in a lovably dorky way.. much like the YYYs.

Pics to follow

Pics from Portishead and PJ Harvey at I'll Be Your Mirror
This was the words

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