Monday, 27 May 2013

Early morning drives are perfect

After indescribably idyllic drive to and from Devon I find perfect parking opposite flat behind a gorgeous black Lambo. If the TT is an inanimate object how do I know it's grinning?

Best thing about London flat is I arrive and leave when I want. Saturday I morning left at 3.30am from North London, drove straight to Woolacombe beach beneath a rubenesque moon and a magnificent sunrise, arrived at beach in perfect sunshine for 7.30. Barely saw another car. Sunrise over the empty M4 listening to the 6 Music freakzone is quickly becoming my favourite thing.

Beach with the Goodes excellent, as was Ben and Johans roast Sunday dinner

Just left Parracombe at 5am to get in London for a much more leisurely 10am.

Since deciding to use the time I would otherwise have been struggling to sleep I estimate I have avoid 15-20 hours of just sitting in traffic. I don't know what I'm more happy to see the back off, car jams or insomnia

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