Thursday, 21 March 2013

Some good news : Moonrise Kingdom is total classic

Just saw Moonrise Kingdom, latest by Wes Anderson of The Royal
Tenenbaums, Life Aquatic, Fantastic Mr Fox, Rushmore, Bottle Rocket

Despite being nowhere near as funny as the others this is the best Wes
Anderson film . (I don't say that that lightly, "and they rode on in
the friscalating dusklight" is part of the title of my blog , from
Royal Tenenbaums <and that wasn't even my favourite>)

In about five years everyone will be wandering around claiming
Moonrise Kingdom is their favourite movie. Mark my words.

Unbelievably sweet pre-teen romance/adventure story about two troubled
kids that go on the run on a secluded islet in 1964,
pursued by the local scout troop, the the sheriffs department, then
dreaded 'social services" (Tilda Swinton being the Federal Ice Queen)
all unaware they are about to be hit by the storm of the century. It's
like Swallows and Amazons done by Tim Burton or (a very restrained)
Ken Russell.

And this didn't win any Oscars?

the trailer

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