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BBC Radio 5Live Tabloid Audio is an insult to everyone especially the license payer

I often serve, on this blog, often as a unpaid PR for BBC 6music. To
be honest I listen to 6 music because the previous station I used to
listen to, BBC Radio5live, has nose dived into moronic idiocy, and
I've just been reminded, by R5, that I should be providing some kind
of balance to the commercial stations.

I have just switched on the Radio5, (avoiding Nemone who is filling in
for Lauren Laverne on her 6music show this week), and Radio5 have a
typically goonish comedian/reporter interviewing people escaping the
cold in Britain to go to Berlin, where it is even colder. Yuk yuk.
(I did this myself a few years ago. Berlin is actually roasty in all
weathers. They have like central heating, decent insulation and people
who close doors)

So this typical R5 "personality" is bugging people in the queue at
Heathrow, he gets past a few German girls who say essentially "grow up
its not that cold in London" and he gets to a British guy and asks him
why he's going to Berlin, ending with

"Lets be honest, it's the beer isn't it? It's not the culture!"

There are comedians who make whole acts (Al Murray?) out of this kind
of pig ignorance. Well, THIS TIME I just cannot be bothered to
complain to the BBC trustees about this pathetic excuse for a national
radio station, instead I'm going to leave it up here and throw up some
rants from the past...

I can't find Dotun Adebayo's classic intervention into a debate on
animal cruelty
"It's nothing compared to slavery.."
but here are some of my other attempts to let off steam in their direction

A major reason for 5Live's existence is to supposedly cover mass popular sport when the BBC does not have the live tv rights..
Patchy coverage of the worlds most popular sports league

date: 25 August 2012 16:01

Just thought today I'd revisit an old pleasure, a long walk listening
to the football via an old friend, R5. Back when it started I used to
listen to R5 from dawn until dusk and beyond.

So imagine my astonishment, after a month of blanket Olympics coverage
and only two weeks into the season, on a miserable bank holiday when
the nation is all indoors, that you are choosing to cover that chummy,
clubby elitist favourite - Rugby - instead. Honestly ....if you cannot
summon the resources or will to cover the NATIONAL GAME on AM bloody
radio you may as well hand over the rights to someone else. You
actually drove me off as a regular listener years ago with infantile
personality driven programming (recent example SPOONY MEETS JOSE),
shrieking idiot commentators and trailers that sound like 6 year olds
locked in a joke shop overnight.

There is also the disgracefully patchy coverage - there is a 70 mile
stretch of the M4 and A303 where it sounds like you are broadcasting
from the edge of the solar system. It really hurts me to say this, as
R5 used to be like an old friend, but for at least a year R5 has made
TalkSport sound cerebral. As a regular listener you've lost me to ,
6music and R4, and are fast becoming a waste of the license fee. I
think I've heard the last of you.

Radio 5's Wake Up to Money - a short memory for the economic consensus pre-Crash

Wake up to Money(tarism)

Half of this mornings Wake Up to Money covered the proposed firewall
between consumer and investment banking. With the expert (Sir Humphry
Bufton Tufton from Credit Suisse) opinion being that regulation is a
bad thing. Presenters, as ever, agreed with accepted city opinion.

The other half covered Gordon Browns regret that he had not
effectively regulated the financial markets prior to the crash which
has devastated western economies. Brown had said regulation was
difficult as the consensus at the time was 'less regulation rather
than more'. Wake Up To Money presenters and expert chortle as ever at
the ex Chancellors opinion, sidestep his statement (perhaps because
this program has always been part of the very consensus opinion he is
talking about) and suggested that perhaps even less regulation at the
time would have been even more effective.

Wake Up to Money dates back to an era of the 1980s when the BBC was
regularly pilloried by Mrs Thatcher's government for lack of balance.
In stark contrast there never has been any political balance on this
program and it continues to promote discredited economic and political
arguments that are the direct cause of most the misery covered in the
rest of the news output.

Can I suggest that everyone involved in this program is made to watch
the 2011 Oscar winning documentary INSIDE JOB and then perhaps they
have a televised discussion on how many of their city drinking buddies
should currently be in prison?

Radio 5Live breakfast show thinks L Ron Hubbard was a scientist

22 October 2006 07:47

Note to breakfast presenters - L Ron Hubbarb was not a 'science author' - he was a 'science fiction author'

Probably not a big distinction for a news programme that needs a
special correspondent to come in and explain what the sound barrier is
(as happened last year) but important in this time of religious debate
to to point out that Hubbard was more aspiring Flash Gordon than

I was reminded this year after the death of Raymond Baxter that the BBC
used to have a a whole team of science correspondents, space
correspondent, aeronautics correspondents. Now if there isn't some
medical or celebrity angle involved all science items are ignored or
presented as if it were a reject from Blue Peter or Newsround. Its no
wonder Hubbarb is being turned into a scientist... he's so much easier
to explain than Stephen Hawking.

Normally I can take the dumbed down travesty that is R5 news but ....
god you know... honestly I used to be such a fan and promoter of R5.
And have to listen to voice of middle class (R4) now just to stop
myself waking up p*ssed off everyday

Why don't you just read articles straight out of the Daily Star?

Ahhhh I feel so much better now.. blogging is so therapeutic

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