Sunday, 10 July 2011

A start

Recent experience on my road trip from Gibraltar to Narvik has shown that a regular brain dump is very healthy. Generally I've been doing this by iphone memos, but my regular jottings on the journeys to and from Parracombe have been filling up my drafts folder on gmail for years.

So here we go, from now they go here.

Last Friday was my first journey back along the 260 miles from London to Parracombe for about two years. I was actually looking forward to it.

Left work in Whitehall, 3 Savoy Place (working for the Smart Meter Design Group) at 5.30pm, after dragging a weeks worth of clothes through various tube lines and Purple Parkings Heathrow centric bus system I reached my car for 8pm. two and a half hours to cover 14 miles. At 10pm, after 160 miles of M3, A303, Best of Faith No More and Mastodon Crack the Skye I was sitting outside a closed petrol station in Tiverton. Barnstaple as similarly depressing (Friday night and I couldn't get so much as a chocolate bar from any local petrol stations) but I didn't care. I'm buzzing now, Sunday lunchtime as I pack for a long two-three week stint to finish this short contract off. Can't wait to get in the car.

Fabulous sunset driving down the A303. I should delay my departure by two hours every week, there's nothing tasty to buy in petrol stations anyway...

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