Saturday, 30 July 2011

Red Skull's 25ft six wheeled art deco coupe

Captain America : worth seeing just for the Red Skull's truck sized six wheeled art deco coupe

Captain America. My god. I'm so old I remember when a common movie magazine subject was "What are there no good movies about Super Heroes?" (that would have been probably pre Richard Donners Superman The Movie). Marvel are either making a fortune subverting low expectations for super hero films or have some of the Hollywoods best film producers since the golden age of cinema (or are incredibly lucky).

If you were a bit amazed at how good Kenneth Branaugh's Thor was you won't believe this one..

Someone (thanks Odi) had to give me a free ticket to see to see Captain America, and I loved it. Every nazi mad science experiment realised in fabulous CGI by the director of The Rocketeer; complete with little references to Raiders of the Lost Ark. (When uber-nazi Red Skull recovers ancient artifact from church in Norway he exclaims "And the Fuhrer digs for trinkets in the desert!")

Somewhat stupefied afterwards I thought not only better than Iron Man but also every Indiana Jones film apart from the first one..

I could go on and on but this says it better

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