Thursday, 21 June 2018

Arctic Monkeys to the Moon! via Rome

At first listen this is Arctic Monkeys going right off the “Now They Are Living in Hollywood” deep end

A sci-fi concept album ....  about a hotel on the moon ....that sounds like a lounge lizard’s homemade soundtrack to Moon Zero Two. I can tell you are skeptical, and yeah, I had the same reaction when I heard the new Arctic Monkeys album would be 'piano driven'

But I’m really addicted to it now, after 3 listens I’m at the stage where is all I want to listen to

Lyrically Mr turner bounces around totally without fear and with a prematurely jaded perspective, somehow beginning to sound like middle era Elvis Costello

Along the way manages to appreciate Science Fiction in a way I've never heard before in a rock song

"I want to make a simple point about peace and love
But in a sexy way where it's not obvious
Highlight dangers and send out hidden messages
The way some science fiction does"
from Science fiction

Is American Sports talking about American Politics?

"I saw this aura over the battleground states
I lost the money, lost the keys
But I'm still handcuffed to the briefcase
And I never thought, not in a million years
That I'd meet so many lovers
Can I please have my money back?
My virtual reality mask is stuck on "Parliament Brawl"
Emergency battery pack just in time
For my weekly chat with God on video call
Breaking news, they take the truth and make it and fluid
The trainer's explanation was accepted by the steward
A montage of the latest ancient ruins
Soundtracked by a chorus of "you don't know what you're doing"

ditto Golden Trunks

"The leader of the free world
Reminds you of a wrestler wearing tight golden trunks
He's got himself a theme tune

They play it for him as he makes his way to the ring"

First Arctic Monkeys album where I'm shocked to realise I (almost) perfer the music to the lyrics. I had to doublecheck Brian Eno wasn't on the credits. This album reeks of 70s soundtrack club cool, and off-smelling  lurid decadence like The Peddlers and ELO working together (particularly ELOs scifi concept album Time) .
There is obviously a ton of Bowie and mass of The Beatles, especially in this

But in it's deep 70s soundscaping it mostly reminds me of

a strange one off tribute album to Italian movie soundtracks which was a fuxture in my car for about two years.

When you remember this an album by the band mostly known for down to earth content like like Cigarette Smoker Fiona you realise the level of shock the Arctic Monkey's fanbase must be going through right now. The last time they took a serious left turn, Humbug, got a bad reception (I loved it).

I wouldn't say it's their Sgt. Pepper..but it might be their Rubber Soul.

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