Wednesday, 28 March 2018

2018 - Brexit might soon be 'cat up a tree' news

This is what is keeping me awake at the moment

A timeline for 2018


Responding to 'provocation' Trump launches 'Bloody Nose' attack against North Korea

Within 48 hours Trump sacks Robert Mueller and shuts down the investigation into Russian collusion

North Korea responds with WMD attacks against South Korea and Japan, and (with Russian backing) cyber attacks against US Allies.

Mass loss of life seen throughout worlds media is later seen as a defining moment of the 21st century

UK is forced to veto UN security council vote condeming US and threatening sanctions


US forces invade North Korea

Chinese involvement prolongs fighting in North Korea

Japan threateans use of nuclear weapons

Brexit talks indefinitely suspended


Responding to 'provocation' Russia invades Baltic States, Georgia and Ukraine

With US demanding Allied involvement in North Korea NATO response is confused and ineffective

France and Germany pull out of NATO

Poland threateans use of nuclear weapons against Russian aggression

After cyber and threats of WMD attacks in US, Fox news calls on president Trump to declare a state of emergency and martial law


Largely blamed for the collapse of NATO and reaction to US actions UK government collapses, replaced by a Labour government or National Coalition depending on severity

United Nations is expelled from New York by Trump administration, UN relocates to Geneva but is now effectively defunct

Depending on the state of the polls, Trump declares Emergency Powers and suspends mid term elections in US. National Guard is deployed to quell widespread unrest.

China announces a Security/Peace conference and invites South China sea nations including Japan. Suggests expelling US forces from the area. Trump threatens use of .. whatever new weapons have been used by US so far, including nukes.


November mid term elections do not happen, Republican majority stays in place, Trump is not impeached.
and his family stay out of jail.

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