Monday, 11 December 2017

Bitcoin explained using Star Trek

is Bitcoin the best candidate for 'disruptive technology from the future' ever?

from script of STAR TREK XIII

KIRK : Now the Romulan time agents have elected Trump the future of humanity is doomed

McCOY : If we could just go back before those events and introduce something that would cancel out the effects of the rise of the alt-right on economics and society...

SPOCK : An earlier introduction of Distributed Ledger Technology might accomplish that. Using the basis of the Federation's economic model might strain the processing speeds of primitive AI technology, but by my calculations early 21st century computing could rise to the challenge, if given sufficient motivation. 

McCOY (dismissively) And how does your great Vulcan intellect propose to explain the relevance and significance of DLT to the ignorant, materialistic barbarians of the early 21st century? 

KIRK : Easy! We hide it in something they understand and will embrace immediately  - FREE MONEY!

Inspired by an email exchange which featured the realisation
"satoshi nakamoto as an alien is more believable than satoshi nakamoto as satoshi nakamoto"

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