Saturday, 8 April 2017

Fusion Reactors are now a thing - and they will fit in a van apparently

Princeton Field-Reversed Configuration experiment (PFRC-2) magnetic confinement fusion team


is bench testing a fusion engine which works. It's small, only a few metres in length and apparently cannot be scaled up but it sounds like you could fit it in typical American van.


It runs on Helium 3. I'm not sure if that counts as unleaded. I would imagine so.
Cleaner than the Tocamak reactors being developed at huge cost in France and I'm sure cleaner than diesel.
I certainly trust Princeton on mileage more than Volkswagen right now.

Here is the engaging Dr Steph from Princeton Satellite Systems talking in full about her fusion rocket. The fusion specifics start at about 6.48.

You might enjoy how they spend about 5 seconds on the real world implications of actual fusion power on Earth...

And then 15 minutes  explaining how to on strap it to a space probe and send it to Pluto

Colour shade on electromagnetic spectrum indicates proximity to genuine Mad Science


​​This post is a horrifyingly dumbed down version of this post by Zain Husain

PintofScience is a thing
I'm more Pint than Science myself but I like to be supportive

Princeton are obviously awesome (is that scientific?)

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