Saturday, 7 May 2016

Waiting for Mourinho at Manchester United is like watching Disney's THE BLACK HOLE

The pull of the Special One/Singularity is inescapable but the results at least won't be boring.

It may lead to another universe,

it will probably lead to total destruction,

it won't be smart,

it may be irritating in places,

but the fireworks will be stellar.

The world of Old Trafford now seems isolated from the rest of the galaxy.

Somewhere far, far away Leicester City are destroying Death Stars and overturning the Empire.

Arsenal are imprisoned in an enclosed time loop.
Chelsea and Spurs have regressed/progressed into some kind of Ape society , and Liverpool find themselves in a Mirror/Mirror universe where they appear to be temporarily bearable.

The Theatre of Dreams still has a dusty and fragile grandeur...

But the people at the controls are ego driven maniacs driven insane by their own previous tragic mistakes

Familiar faces from the past will be with us to brave the journey into the void

And though the suspicion is we are treading a familiar path into adventure/disaster, into almost a remake from an earlier era..

prompted by the sad but inevitable retirement of legends..

you would still be rather encountering freaks, monsters and robots in some nether world/division than finishing 4th from now until the End OF Time.

And the only truly painful thing to overcome  will be enduring the maturity of the press.

Even escaping the inevitable in the short term would not save us in the long term as the super dense stellar object will still be out there waiting for the force fields protecting us to eventually fail. Perhaps the sensible option is setting the controls for the heart of that roaring irradiated monster and going in at full throttle.

Especially if the alternative is to be further absorbed by V'GR/Van Gaal in an ongoing perpetually motionless picture.


"In 2014, astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson deemed the film.."


".. to be the least scientifically accurate movie of all time."

This clumsy artless nonsense is inspired by the genius of the Deadly Marina Hyde

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