Saturday, 23 April 2016

Adrienne Barbeau is alive and well

Adrienne Barbeau has NOT passed away

The moment woke up this morning and saw  this

6 Movies That Adrienne Barbeau Made Way More Awesome With Her Presence

I thought
"oh NO another one has gone" but I've checked and this classic movie actress is still alive and well,
and presumably just another smart casting decision away from another role. She was iconic in ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK of course but a full blown movie star in THE FOG (1981), on a level with any of Hitchcock's female leads. Of course she has never been given anything like their level of recognition thanks to her loyalty to genre cinema. If she had been given a walk on part in any kind of worthy Oscar bait rubbish she'd be sitting with an academy award right now.

She gave birth to two twin boys in her fifties and still does soundtrack work.


Prince Rogers Nelson (June 7, 1958 – April 21, 2016)

With regard to Prince I'm not that much of a fan beyond Around the World In a Day but I'm sure my previous blog post related to David Bowie applies. How many great Prince albums have gone by the wayside over the years just because he became less interesting and fashionable than talentless celebrity garbage? Did Prince just stop being talented in the 1980s? I really doubt it.


Victoria Wood CBE (19 May 1953 – 20 April 2016)

I once tried to explain the greatness of the Arctic Monkeys to some baby boomers by saying they were something like Victoria Wood writing songs for the Sex Pistols.  In terms if wit and commentary she was in that league, she was that relevant.

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