Thursday, 10 March 2016

HOUSE OF CARDS cast and crew should shoot their own version of Richard III onset when HoC wraps

If Joss Whedon can shoot Much Ado About Nothing over a weekend the House of Cards team deserve to treat themselves to the original inspiration when it finally ends.

I've just seen HoC S4. I would urge you not to binge it, as I have, as it is worth savouring.

I said here
contemplating Underwood as President

"I'm left  at the end of S2, realising that Spacey as in Se7en has an inexorable plan coming to fruition"

In the event S3 was quite disappointing as the Underwood's just seemed content with their level of power. Looking back House of Cards Season 3 is essentially West Wing with a bad hangover. I thought Francis had replaced the bloody ribs with peanut butter sandwich's. I was wrong.


The supremely chilling end to S4, when Francis and Clare both address the camera for the first time, confirms their apparent benign rule so far is only due to having such an easy ride so far. Now they have the power they have no intention of letting inconvenience's like democracy and a free press take it away from them.


Made me think.

A few years ago Jess Whedon invited some of his regular cast and crew over for a weekend party and then  announced he was going to shoot a movie over the weekend

result was this

and it is much much better that you might expect from something shot over a weekend.

HOUSE OF CARDS is of course based on the British tv series and books by Micheal Dobbs but the original inspiration for all that rich villainy was of course Richard III (all that speaking at the camera for one thing).

I have heard budget on HoC is an issue. Every episode of the show looks like it cost $150 but product placement is easy to spot. I suspect there might be a quite a story on HoC got financed in the first place.

I think cast and crew (and audience) deserve, maybe instead of a wrap party, to have one day over when this momentous show finally ends,  please shoot a version of Richard III onset with available actors, costumes sets and resources. Could we crowd source it? Shall I start a petition?

Kevin Spacey has some recent familiarity with the dialogue

My main exposure to Richard III is via Ian McKellan's absolutely spectacular alternate history fascist 1930s version. I once rather foolishly forced some rural teenagers to watch it on a Friday night, to prove a point about Shakespeare, and it a famous success, we all roared with laughter (mostly)

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