Monday, 22 December 2014

Let's all watch The Interview on Christmas Day

A lot lot better than critics are saying. A room full of others agreed it is the best Seth Rogan movie by a distance, and the James Franco character is a fantastically entertaining twit right up there with Burgundy and Zoolander. For those worried about the politics it is best summed up as this; 
there are North Korean bad guys and North Korean good guys but nearly all of the Americans are idiots. Rogan and Franco deserve a lot more credit for what is a pretty funny and entertaining parody of FROST/NIXON - shame for them it is stolen from under them by Vancouver's own Diana Bang, playing insane hot and hilarious North Korean Colonel Sook.

The North Korean hack on Sony is a rare bit of good international news and we should treasure it.

I've just heard they've actually taken The Interview from release, as a response to threats from North Korean hackers. That is - I think -  much worse for Sony's security, as every other hacker on the planet (particularly the ones who don't like North Korea) will now be after that movie. In fact every torrent client in the planet will be downloading that on the planet in about a week - and apparently it's not a bad movie.

Why don't we all make it a highlight of our Christmas viewing? maybe after the Queens Speech (about 3pm GMT for those who don't know)

Other reasons to be jolly -

On an artistic level Sony are suggesting this is so embarrassing to them they will sell the studio. Andrew Garfield is the only decent thing about recent Sony pictures, but everyone knows this, suggesting this is even good for Sony's (current) Spiderman.

Even on a hacking level this is probably good news - the North Koreans are probably using loads of "one use spells" that Chinese hackers have been saving up to use against the West for years.

Thanks Santa, you're awesome
(but remember to change your password later to a passphrase with 16 characters and letters)

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