Saturday, 8 March 2014

I'm sure there is a German word for..

I'm sure there is a German word for the feeling you get after a cinema trip when a trailer has completely upstaged the main film you went to see.

I remember sneaking into see Poltergiest in the 80s with a friends and being really hyped and excited because it was the scariest Spielberg movie since Jaws and the first adult film we'd got entry into. Then, before it started, I saw trailers for John Carpenter's The Thing and Blade Runner and though I really enjoyed the main feature my attention was by then elsewhere.

Just saw Grand Budapest Hotel at the Barbican and was a little disappointed. It has a kind of "Tim Burton does the Marx Brothers" charm but seems more of a cartoon than his previous work. Overhyped I think, critics are perhaps overcompensating for the lack of attention given to Wes Anderson's previous movie, the classic (I think) Moonrise Kindgom.

And it was somewhat blown out of the water by this trailer

.. which makes Under The Skin look like the scariest Kubrick film since The Shining (and all the more scary because Stanley has been dead for quite a while now)

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