Saturday, 8 June 2013

Spring 2013 music, Sabbath 13, QOTSA ..Like Clockwork

Latest contract is in City of London is just exhausting.. but the views and some of the new sounds are nice.

The just released Rick Rubin produced Sabbath reunion (13) is surprisingly good. Obviously not as good as the first four but on a level with the Ozzy-less classic Heaven and Hell which I've slowly come to appreciate. Lyrics are a but clunky and the drumming is a bit flat but Ozzy sounds amazing. (His voice isn't better but he seems uses it more effectively). 
And the riffs.. oh the riffs.. never mind Iron Man.. this is the stuff Galactus might knock off in a bored moment


the new Queens of the Stone Age (...Like Clockwork) is f
ing mind blowing.. and I highly recommend you give it a listen if that way inclined..
you know
when a great band really hits the sweet spot
when it
 produces something that sounds like a compilation album. It's still mean and evil QOTSA but there is a lot more variety in
here than you might think.
Like piano provided by - Elton John

What with the new Bowie, and a pretty good Depeche Mode album 2013 is shaping up to be a top year for old gits

 - note to self I must check out Savages and Bastille 
I'm glad to say I have at least bought the new Joy Formidable album, Wolf's Law, which is currently rocking out the car

and let me plug a fun chatty music podcast which is a good source for new stuff, I obviously should have been listening earlier

who I discovered at I'll Be Your Mirror

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