Tuesday, 5 February 2013

was going to review LINCOLN here....

Was going to review Lincoln here but to be honest you would save money
by renting Spielberg's earlier Amistad and watching it in slow motion.

If that seems harsh (I actually like Amistad a lot), the reviews of
the new movie are a little OTT, and I've been watching period movies
and westerns all week ...
what someone used to 21st century pace makes of Spielberg's Lincoln is
anyone's guess.

What really saved it for me was the players - really stirling work
from Danny Lewis as Isambard Kingdom Brunel* and Tommy Lee Jones as
Thaddeus wig guy ....with 3 hour movie saving cameos from Sally Field
as the Executive Err Indoors, Richard Harris Jnr as US Grant, and
Rorschach as the Vice President of the Confederacy

* if ignorant boneheads in the states can get confused during the
London Olympic opening ceremony and get Lincoln and the greatest
engineer in human history mixed up so can I

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