Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Hard Facts For U.S. Republicans

When Obama is sworn in for his second term in January 2013 we will be looking at a twenty year stretch of history (since 1993) when the Republican Party has only won one undisputed U.S.election, and that one undisputed win, in 2004, came within the trauma of 9/11 when the country was embroiled in two wars.

Since 1993 the only successful presidential candidate put forward by the Republican selection process, George W. Bush, was a man considered by historians world wide to be one of the worst, most incompetent leaders of any nation, let alone the presidency.

One of the (thankfully unsuccessful) vice presidential candidates to come out of the Republican selection process was Sarah Palin.

Considering the low expectations, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan ran a damn good race, and Republicans should seriously consider if any of the other candidates would have come anywhere near Romney/Ryans level of success.

"We could have won with Rick Santorum/Michelle Bachman/Herman Cain"

Your selection process is an absolute disaster.

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