Thursday, 8 March 2012

J-Rock just off Electric Avenue

No photos remain of the trip to see BO NINGEN + Sekaiteki Na Band + Teta Mona at the Windmill in Brixton but suffice to say it was a great venue and a great night out.

Bo Ningen was the headliner, a raving psych guitar band. I actually preffered
Sekaiteki Na Band, a slightly more garage band outfit with some of the best lead guitar work I've ever seen. Teta Mona was fun.

At no point was I bored throughout any of the bands and would go a long way to see them again. I am a confirmed J-Rock fan (or maybe it's just reignited - see the review of Shonen Knife in my ancient Reading review on here somewhere)

Picture is of Electric Avenue packing up from the Overground station

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