Thursday, 17 November 2011

Narborough Ghost Update

Centre of supernatural activity at the Narborough Arms are the tvs, and much like the terrifying regularity of events at 3am in the Amityville Horror, much of the tv related haunting in Narborough happens at roughly 6am when the tv in the room mysteriously tunes itself - EVERY TIME - to the BBC news channel. The only way to exorcise the spirit seems to be to turn the tv off at the mains or unplug it.

The scariest thing was the breakfast on the final day, in which the mound of grey bacon looked like a prop from CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST, tortured into a lightly cooked intestine ball

WhicH is all being cruel to the new people running the Narborough Arms who had only been there two days when I got there and were quite prepared to laugh at the various phenomena as much as me. If they get one of the spooks to magic up some wifi they could be onto a winner.

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